Guidelines for Public Mass

Mass Schedule

Sunday Masses

Saturday Vigil, 5:00 pm

Sunday, 7:30 am / 9:00 am* /

10:30 am* / 12:00 pm


Daily Masses

Monday-Friday, 6:15am

Monday-Saturday, 8:15 am


*We will have a second overflow Mass in Limbach Hall (gym) if needed.

General Guidelines: 

1. Archbishop Carlson has extended the dispensation of the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday until further notice due to the pandemic.   With this dispensation, it is not a sin to miss Sunday Mass because you are uncomfortable about attending or because of health status.  That stated, it is still a grave obligation to worship God on Sunday.   If you deem it prudent to not come to Mass, we encourage you to keep the Lord’s Day holy at home through extra prayer and/or “attending” Mass via the livestream. We will continue to livestream our 9:00 am and 10:30 am Sunday and 8:15 am daily Masses.  

2. Parishioners who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to another with the virus within 14 days are not permitted to enter the church, in accordance with national, state, and local health directives.  

3. All attendees should check their temperature at home before coming to the church to determine whether they should attend Mass. 

4. Those with underlying health complications and those that are over 65 years old are strongly encouraged to continue participating in Masses by means of the livestream. 


Personal Protective Equipment

1. Face masks are required to enter the church building for Mass.  You will not be allowed in without a face mask.  No masks will be available at the doors of the church. 

2. We prefer the face mask be worn at all times during the Mass except while you are receiving the Eucharist.  


Maximum Capacity for Masses

1. Based on the size of our church building and capacity guidelines given by the Archbishop, we are able to allow up to 200 people into a given Mass.  However, given the six foot spacing requirements, our pew arrangement, and the variable family sizes at a particular Mass, we may not be able to accommodate that entire number.  

2. Households, families, couples, and those who have been socially distancing as family groups (parents, grandparents, children, etc.) will be able to sit together.  

3. Each Mass will be first come, first served.  

4. This first weekend, we do not know how many of you will come to the church or if we are going to need extra Masses.  Please be patient with us as we begin this new phase of public Masses. This is a trial run and will we try to adjust according to how it goes this weekend. 


Entering the Church

1. There will be just one entrance into the church which will be through the main doors of the building.  This will better enable us to determine the number of people in the building and direct you to an open pew.  

2. If there is a line to get into the church, please wait patiently outside the church while following social distancing guidelines.  

3. After entering, you will be directed to an open seat. Please seat yourself in the pew at least six feet from the next person/family. 

4. Certain pews will be taped off in order to ensure six feet of distance and to enable a quicker and more focused cleaning of the church.  Please do not enter any of those rows or remove the tape from those pews.


During Mass

1. Missalettes, hymnals, and song sheet will not be available for use.  You are welcome to bring your own books, missalettes, and resources with the readings for the day, prayers, order of the Mass, etc. in order to help you enter into the celebration of the liturgy. 

2. The sign of peace will be suspended during Masses. 

3. There will not be a collection basket that will be passed around.  Instead, near the three sets of doors to the church, there will be a basket designated for the collection that you will be able to place your offering in as you exit the church.  You may continue to mail in your offertory envelops to the rectory or drop them through the mail slot in the rectory front door. Online giving is also available through WeShare and FaithDirect.  For more information on online giving or to join WeShare visit 


Reception of Holy Communion

1. No one is under any obligation to receive the Eucharist at a given Mass.  And one who receives must be disposed to receive (i.e., in the state of grace) at the time.  So if you are uncomfortable receiving at this time, it is okay to come to Mass and make a spiritual communion from your pew.  

2. For the weekend Masses in the Church, there will be three communion stations. One in the center and one on either side. 

3. For weekday Masses, we will have two communion stations on either side of the church.  

4. There will be no distribution of the Precious Blood to the assembly. [If there is anyone that suffers from celiac disease or glutton intolerance, please contact the rectory by phone or email so that we can discuss special arrangements for you to receive our Lord.]

5. Ushers will dismiss you from your pews to form a single file in the aisle.  There will be blue tape marked on the floor every six feet in order to designate the appropriate distance to space yourself.  

6. There will be a one way traffic pattern illustrated in the image below by which you will leave and return to your pews. 

7.  The Archbishop has decided that communicants are to receive the Host in the hand, in keeping with the advice of state health officials. This is within his authority to determine in extraordinary circumstances, and we are obliged to follow his decision. 

8. If you are wearing gloves, you must remove them before receiving the host.  No one will be able to receive the Eucharist on gloved hands.  

9. When approaching the Communion minister, you should pull your mask below the chin in order to prepare to receive the Eucharist.   You should reverently consume the host, being careful that no particles of the host are dropped off your hand.   After consuming those particles remaining on your hand, you should immediately replace your mask.


After Mass

1. After the final blessing, all three sets of doors (the main as well as the side doors) will be propped open and can be utilized as exits.

2. Following Mass, we ask that not everyone leaves at once.   Take your time, and distance yourselves safely.  This would be an ideal time to make an act of thanksgiving for the great gift of receiving the Body of Christ and participating in the Sacrifice of the Mass. 

3. We will have to clean the pews in between the Masses, so we ask that you do not spend more than five or ten minutes in prayer after Mass.  The church will be open again later in the day for private prayer.  


Church Hours and Confession Times:    

Church Hours:

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 12pm - 7pm


Confession times:

Monday & Tuesday - No Confessions

Wednesday 9am - 10am

Thursday 9am - 10am (drive-thru only) & 6pm - 7pm

Friday 9am - 10am (cry room only)

Saturday 9am - 10am (drive-thru only) & 4pm - 5pm

Sunday No Confessions

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