Grocery and SCRIP Programs

The Grocery and SCRIP Certificate programs are fundraising programs used to help supplement general parish and school revenues to be used for a variety of needs.

The programs are easy to use. You can purchase gift cards and certificates for your favorite grocery chain or other retailers for face value and redeem them at face value. QAS makes a small profit from the retailer who sells to QAS at a discounted price. The discount varies with each retailer participating. 

Grocery and SCRIP certificates are available after the weekend Masses in the Church Hall, through school and through the Parish office during normal business hours. You can also call 846-8207, ext. 250 to purchase them and pick them up later at one of the locations mentioned above. 

Volunteers are always welcome if you would like to help with either or both programs.

For more information regarding the Grocery Certificate Program, contact Therese & Mark Ruzicka.
For more information regarding the SCRIP program, contact Pam & Roger Luchtefeld.