Core Team

Core Team is our group of adult volunteers at Queen of All Saints Youth Ministry. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful group of volunteers, but we are always looking to grow! We lead small groups, give talks, lead prayer, and most importantly, build relationships with the teens.

Core Team Interest Form

If you are interested in joining our Core Team, we invite you to fill out the interest form that can be found at the below link.

Core Team FAQ

What is it?

The Core Team is the adult volunteer team for our youth ministry program. We are looking for adult volunteers for both the high school and middle school programs.

Who is eligible to be a part of it?

Any adult 20+ years old who is living out their Catholic faith.

Why do we have it?

We have the Core Team to offer additional support to our teens, youth minister, and priests. It is our hope that members of the Core Team will be role models for our teens and will give them a wider variety of practicing Catholics to look up to.

What is the difference between the high school and middle school program?

Our high school program meets Thursday and Sunday nights while the middle school program will meet once a month starting this fall. The middle school program puts on Confirmation prep and the Luke 18 retreat in the spring for eighth graders while the high school program includes weekly Life Nights and Lux nights, Spring Retreat, the March for Life, Steubenville Youth Conference, and Camp Covecrest, as well as many other events throughout the year. 

What does the commitment look like?

For the high school program, the Core Team is expected to be present every Sunday night and on Thursday nights whenever possible. There is also a Core meeting about once a month, typically held on a Sunday evening, immediately before a Life Night, to discuss the upcoming nights and events.

The middle school program Core Team would be asked to be present at each middle school night. These will be happening once a month starting this fall. From September-December, they will be the third Tuesday of every month. From January-April, they will be the third Wednesday of every month.  

What are the expectations?

As a Core member, you are expected to be a practicing Catholic on fire for your faith, a good role model to teens, and knowledgeable about the Catholic Church. This is NOT a paid position, and it is our hope that our Core members have a desire to help because they see the value in investing in the youth of our parish and Church.

Practically, what does the Core Team do?

Our Core Team ministers to our youth by leading small groups, occasionally giving talks to our teens, praying for our teens, being present to our youth at Life Nights, retreats, and events, chaperoning trips, and engaging with our teens in conversation.

I want to contribute to the youth ministry program but do not have that much time to give. How can I help?

We would love to have a list of parishioners to call on when we need the occasional help on retreats with providing meals or transportation. We would also love to have a group of parishioners committed to praying for our teens. If either of these sound like something you would want to be a part of, contact our youth minister, Anna Hackett via email.

What should I do if I am interested in volunteering with the Youth Ministry program?

If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss the possibility of being on our high school Core Team, middle school Core Team, our prayer team, or our team of extra helpers, reach out to Anna Hackett through email at


Safe environment training is required for all Core Members. This can be completed after talking with the youth minister.

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