Adult Faith Formation

What is Symbolon?

Symbolon is a new digital resource for learning more about our Catholic faith.  FREE to all QAS parishioners, you can access the Symbolon videos anytime, 24/7, at your own pace.  This is an invaluable resource for our parish and we hope you take advantage of this program to get to a deeper communion with Jesus Christ and His Church


How do I access the videos? 

To begin, please click this link:

You will need to put in our parish access code which is provided in the bulletin.


 What is included?

 The program includes twenty videos on the Catholic faith - each about 30-40 minutes long, divided into two parts - and presented in a beautiful and concise way. The major topics are:

 Knowing the Faith

  1. JOURNEY OF FAITH: Trinity, Faith, and the God Who is Love
  2. DIVINE REVELATION: God Seeking Us and the Compass for Our Lives
  3. THE BIBLE: God’s Love Letter to Humanity
  4. THE STORY OF SALVATION: Creation, Fall, and Redemption
  5. WHO IS JESUS?: Just a Good Man or Lord of Our Lives?
  6. THE PASCHAL MYSTERY: The Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
  7. THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE LIFE OF GRACE: God’s Divine Life Within Us
  8. WHY DO I NEED THE CHURCH?: The Mystery of the Catholic Church
  9. MARY AND THE SAINTS: Our Spiritual Mother and the Communion of Saints
  10. THE LAST THINGS: What Happens After We Die?

 Living the Faith

  1. THE SACRAMENTS: Baptism & Confirmation
  2. THE EUCHARIST: Source & Summit of Christian Life
  3. A WALK THROUGH THE MASS: Exploring the Sacred Liturgy
  5. MATRIMONY AND HOLY ORDERS: The Sacraments of Service & Communion
  6. A CATHOLIC MORAL VISION: Virtue, Grace & the Path to Happiness
  7. A LOVE THAT LASTS: Discovering authentic love
  8. A LOVE THAT LASTS: God’s Plan for Sexuality
  9. CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING: Building a Civilization of Love
  10. CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING: Protecting the Dignity of the Human Person

 Unlimited downloads of Leader guides and User guides are available.


Unlimited MP3 downloads of the following ten Lighthouse Catholic Media’s most popular talks:

  1. “Anger & Forgiveness” by Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald
  2. “The Lamb’s Supper” by Dr. Scott Hahn
  3. “Changed Forever” by Fr. Mike Schmitz
  4. “Answering Atheism” by Ken Hensley
  5. “Walk the Walk” by Dr. Timothy Gray
  6. “The Healing Power of Confession” by Dr. Scott Hahn
  7. “From Atheism to Catholicism” by Jennifer Fuhwiler
  8. “Keep Holy the Sabbath” by Dr. Timothy Gray
  9. “Praying the Rosary Like Never Before” by Dr. Edward Sri
  10. “For Love and Marriage” by Johnnette Benkovic


Other additional resources are also available on the website.


What does “Symbolon” mean?

When we go on a journey, we want to make sure we are going in the right direction.  In our walk with God, how do we know that we are following what Jesus and His apostles really taught?  The way the early Christians did this was by developing a short statement of faith called the Creed, which summed up core Christian beliefs that had been passed on to them.

This Creed served as a sign of unity between believers, connecting them with the beliefs of the early Church.  The Christians described their Creed as Symbolon.  Now, this term Symbolon may seem ancient and somewhat mysterious, but I can’t think of another concept that more beautifully describes the importance of the Creed and what it means to us today.

The Greek word Symbolon often described a clay seal that was broken in half and given to two people, serving as a sign of recognition between them.  For example, if I left a valuable possession or made a financial deposit with a shopkeeper, we would break the seal and he would keep one half and I would take the other.  When the two pieces were drawn together and matched up perfectly, it confirmed both my identity as the true owner and my relationship with the shopkeeper.

So when Christians described their Creed as a Symbolon, they meant that it was a sign of Christian identity and communion between all believers.  When the Creed you recited matched up with the Creed of the early Church, you could know with confidence that you were sharing in the same faith proclaimed by Jesus and the apostles.


Here's what parishioners are saying about the Symbolon program!

"I really like the program. It is very interesting and Edward Sri explains things so well. I really appreciate all that QAS does to offer opportunities to learn more about our faith with books, speakers and programs such as Symbolon. Thank you very much!" - Diane Garrett

"I've been taken by the series! It's been a great Lenten exercise. It lays out the principles and answers many questions we take for granted. For many it may be a refresher, others very valuable teaching tool. Everyone in the parish should experience at least one segment - they may ask for more! Invaluable." - Jay Foster

Adult Faith Formation Ministry (AFFM) proclaims Jesus’ message by offering and implementing spiritual and education opportunities that will foster, with the adult, a desire to know his/her faith more seriously.  The AFFM attempts to encourage and develop the lay leadership within the Church and strives towards collaborative ministry with other organizations, commissions and administrative staff.

The AFFM process entails assessing the needs of the parish; discerning a response to those needs and calling forth the gifts and talents of the parish community.  The AFFM has offered diocesan sponsored programs such as The Catholicism Project, Catholics Returning Home, Bible Study groups, and seasonal programs during Lent and Advent.

AFFM meets the second Thursday of every month at 7pm in the ARC room.

For more information please contact Sadie Wingbermuehle, DRE