The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is the covenant between a man and a woman in which they vow to one another their full and lasting fidelity through the special grace they receive from Jesus. In order for a marriage to be recognized as valid in the eyes of the Church, a Catholic must be married in a Catholic ceremony, or in another religious ceremony with the Church’s blessing.

Couples seeking to be married in the Church must give at least six months’ time for marriage preparation with a priest or a parish deacon. Marriage prep includes discussions with the priest/deacon preparing the couple, participation in a Natural Family Planning introduction course, and either multiple meetings with a married couple from the parish OR a Catholic engagement retreat.

Parishioners (or children of parishioners) seeking marriage at Queen of All Saints or desire for a parish priest/deacon to witness the Marriage Sacrament should call the Parish Office at 314.846.8207.

 The Church honors and upholds the bond between a husband and wife to such a degree that it still recognizes a marriage even if the couple should separate. Any person seeking to be married who has been married before should contact a priest concerning the annulment process.