Stewardship Committee

To help our community answer God's instruction to be responsible stewards of His gifts, this committee coordinates the Archdiocesan program "Living Stewardship - Everything I Have Is Yours" for our parish.

A nationally recognized model, the program is a comprehensive, spiritually based approach to stewardship that promotes all aspects of returning our gifts to God. Committee members help foster parish development and individual spiritual growth by promoting awareness of our baptismal call to give gratitude to God through the use of our TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE.

We serve as a resource to other parish organizations to promote membership renewal, help parishioners use their individual talents in the service of God and help meet its financial needs. From the disciples, generations before us have built the church through generous giving of their God-given gifts. We strive to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. By living as stewards we not only listen to God's words, we do His work.