From our Pastor

June 16, 2024

From the Pastor


Awesome Parish Picnic

I just experienced my first QAS parish picnic and I have to say I was VERY impressed. The weather held out almost to the end and even with the brief storms that passed through the area at the end of the evening, they did not prevent the fireworks display from happening. Almost all the food was sold out and every other aspect of the picnic was a success. One of our parishioners, Carolyn Shockley, won the car and I heard rumors that Pat Maroon, a former member of the St. Louis Blues Stanley cup champion hockey team spent some time enjoying the picnic. I’m sure the picnic was a financial success; we won’t know for certain until all the bills are paid, but I was happy to see so many parishioners spending time together, either working or enjoying the picnic. There is no way I can individually thank all those who volunteered and made this such a special event, but I say THANK YOU to all of you! I do have to single outKate and Jeff Barcom who for the second year in a row took charge of the picnic and with the help of all the volunteers made it an outstanding success.  Thank you, Kate and Jeff, for a job well done! I know that we need to recover from all the work that was required to make this picnic so much fun, but I am already looking forward to next year’s picnic. My goal for next year is to convince Fr D to sit in the dunking booth!


A Brand New Deacon!

Last Saturday, Tim Kurt, of our parish, was ordained a deacon at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. The Ceremony was beautiful as 15 other candidates were also ordained. I was told that Deacon Tim will be assigned to Queen of All Saints Parish and we are happy to have him. On Sunday he exercised the office deacon for the first time and preached at the 10:30 Mass and he did a wonderful job. I want to thank Sharon, his wife and his entire family for sharing him with us.

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