From our Pastor

September 24, 2023

Dear Parishioners,

Heavenly Music

     Last Sunday I was officially installed as pastor of Queen of All Saints Parish by Fr Mike Lydon who is the head of the Southern Vicariate of which we are a part of.  I was formally presented to various committees and organizations of the parish, and I swore an oath to uphold our Catholic Faith.  Everything went well.  But what really impressed me had nothing to do with me.  It was the beautiful singing of our children’s choir.  I had meant to give them a shout out at the end of Mass, but I dropped the ball and forgot.  Shame on me!  So, I want to take the time to acknowledge the awesome singing of our children under the direction of Leslie Pollman and thank them for sharing their musical talents with the rest of us at Mass.  Thank You!

Settled In??

     I’ve only been here at Queen of All Saints a month and a half, and I can barely remember moving in.  There is a popular saying “Time flies when you are having fun….or when you are swamped attending a gazillion meetings.”   I’m starting to remember people’s names now, for instance, the priest living next door to me is Fr D’Amico.  I’m still working on the other priest’s name.  Several people have asked me if I’m unpacked and settled in yet.  The answer is “almost.”  I describe my situation as functionally settled.  I have enough things unpacked and organized so that I can function at my job and live my life reasonably well.  There are still unpacked boxes and odd items scattered here and there and they will probably remain there for quite a while. In two or three years, I’ll suddenly notice that unpacked box in my living room and think to myself, “hmmmm, I really ought to do something about that box.”  Then two or three years after that I will actually do something about that box and all the other remaining boxes and then I will be fully settled in, at which time I usually get a letter telling me I’m being transferred to another parish.  All of this is to say that things are good so far and once again…..I’m happy to be here!!


-fr mike


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