From our Pastor

Week of August 7, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

What a wonderful time we had last Saturday celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the founding of Queen of All Saints. There was nearly a full house at the 5:00 p.m. Mass and, I must say, it was an enthusiastic congregation. Led by the impressive choir, the people in the pews prayed and sang with gusto. The Knights of Columbus were regal in their apparel and attentive to their duty. We were blessed to welcome back as concelebrants at the Mass Msgr. Jovanovic, Msgr. Simon, and Fr. Dorhauer. Msgr. Breier joined us for dinner and gave a brilliant talk about the faith-filled people he encountered during his two postings at our parish. Of course, Archbishop Rozanski was honored to celebrate the Mass and preached a homily that both congratulated the parish for its work and challenged us to keep up that work, to share the message and the love of Jesus Christ.

After Mass nearly 300 people travelled north to Royale Orleans for a splendid time of socializing and eating. Our 50th Anniversary committee did a fantastic job of making sure everything was ready - seating chart, decorations, photos of the parish history, etc… As mentioned, Msgr. Breier gave a stirring talk and then we watched a video about QAS put together by an alumnus of our school, Phillip Willet. It was beautifully done and we hope to have it available on our website soon.

I have to thank again our anniversary committee. They’ve been spectacular in the work done thus far. And their work is not yet finished, as now they are finalizing plans for our last celebration on August 27. That, too, should be a special night of food, music, fireworks, and games for the kids. Make plans to be there!

As much as I have enjoyed these fiftieth Anniversary events, both the Parish Mission given by four former associate pastors back in Lent and the great Mass and dinner last weekend, I still have to remind myself that all is not perfect in our parish. No doubt, it’s a great parish and we have done and continue to do may wonderful things. But, we’re not perfect. But, that reminds me of a story I read once. It went like this:

A troubled man made an appointment with a priest, a wise and gentle man. “Father,” said the man, wringing his hands, “I’m a failure. More than half the time I do not succeed in doing what I must. Can you help me? Is there a prayer I should be saying or a book I should be reading that will improve my faith?”

The priest sat quietly, searching for just the right thing to say. After much thought he said, “There is a book I recommend, the New York Times Almanac for the year 1970. I want you to go to the library and find that book and read page 930. You’ll then find peace of mind.”

Okay, thought the man, that’s strange advice but I’ll go along with it. He went to the library, found the almanac, looked up page 930. Oddly, he found the lifetime batting averages for the world’s greatest baseball players, featuring at the top the Detroit Tiger Ty Cobb, whose lifetime average of .367 remains the highest of all major leaguers, ever.

The man went back to the priest perplexed. “That’s your advice,” he said, “Ty Cobb’s lifetime batting average?”

“Correct,” said Father. “Ty Cobb hit .367. That’s one hit every three times at bat. That means he failed two out of every three times he batted - and he’s the best in history! So what do expect already?”

Yes, Queen of All Saints has had a remarkable fifty years. And, yes, we could do better. There are too many parishioners who don’t come to Mass on Sunday, too many who don’t contribute, way too many who never go to confession, and too many who don’t volunteer for anything. We’re not batting 1,000. We need to keep up our prayers and we need to keep inviting our fellow parishioners to get involved in the spiritual and social aspects of our parish. We’re not perfect - but we’re pretty good. We’re at the top. We’re pleasing God now, as we have done for fifty years.

May God bless all of you.

In Christ,
Fr. Hambrough

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