Clergy and Staff

Pastoral Staff

Father Patrick Hambrough,  Pastor

Email     314.380.4020

Father Joseph Detwiler,  Parochial Vicar

Email     314.380.4021

Deacon Kurt Loeffler,  Deacon 

Email     314.846.8207 

Deacon Richard Schellhase,  Deacon 

Email     314.846.8207 ext. 251       

Deacon Joseph Wingbermuehle, Deacon

Email     314.846.8207 ext. 252

Bethany Beumer  Elementary School Principal

Email     314.380.4025

Ann Bender, CRE, Parish School of Religion

Email     314.380.4011

Tim Buback,  Youth Minister

          Email     314.846.8207

Anna Hackett,  Youth Minister

          Email     314.846.8207

Christopher Dunn,  Coordinator of Liturgical Music

Email     314.846.8207 ext. 371

Jan Schroeder,  Child Safety Coordinator

          Email     314.846.8207