Pastoral Ministry and Support

Members of the Pastoral Care Ministry strive to be instruments of God’s love and compassion to the people of Queen of All Saints Parish. Our goal is to lend spiritual, physical and emotional support to those experiencing any kind of need or loss (job loss, move, illness, separation, divorce, death, etc.)

• Jonah Prayer Ministers
• Life in the Spirit Seminars 
• Anointing and Care of the Sick 
• Prayer Line 
• Communion at Home
• Funerals
• Mass of Remembrance 

• Visitations - Hospital, Nursing Home, Home
• Home Meals
• Transportation
• Disabled Assistance
• Communion at Home
• Bereavement, Get Well and Baptismal Anniversary Cards and Letters
• Welcoming Committee 

• Life After Loss
• WINGS - Widows/Widowers In Need of Gathering Socially
• Cancer Support Group - Last Wednesday of every month 7pm at a Parishioner's home
    Contact Cathy Donze 846-1528
• Health Fairs
• Printed Materials (located in the Adult Resource Center Library)

Please contact Sadi Wingbermuehle at 314-846-8207 ext. 206 for more information