Queen of Hearts

Drawings Every Tuesday 8pm 1640 X 400 Px

Drawings every Tuesday at 8PM! 

Empowering our parish, sustaining our spirit:

Join us in a fundraiser for

Queen of All Saints.


We are excited to be hosting a Queen of Hearts fundraiser here at Queen of All Saints. Drawings are Tuesdays at 8pm.

Pricing is $5 a chance or

$25 for 6          $50 for 13          $100 for 28 

Get your ticket today and help secure Queen for tomorrow!


Queen of All Saints Queen of Hearts


Yes! You can purchase tickets online or in person at the rectory.

Yes! Credit card or cash in person at the rectory.

Each drawing has its own chances so if you would like a chance each week you will need to purchase one each week OR you can press Automatically enroll me in each week's drawing and your credit card will be run for your chance each week.

Nope! You can go to the website goraisedough.com/buy/2020

If your ticket is drawn and your winning card is the Queen of Hearts, you will win 50% of the Jackpot and the game will end. The remainder of the Jackpot goes to Queen of All Saints.

Only 1 ticket is drawn during the Drawing.

All drawings will be conducted virtually online. If the card revealed from the first ticket drawn is not the Queen of Hearts card, the prizes are as follows::

(A) Joker Card pays $100
(B) All other Queen cards pays $75
(c) Ace or other Face cards pay $50
(d) Numbered cards pay $25

Once the Jackpot exceed $100,000, the above prizes, other than the Queen of Hearts card, will pay double.